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I spent many years in the corporate world developing and editing training, education and communication projects that were delivered through leader-led sessions, print, some video and on-line media. "Pithy and succinct" became a catch-phrase that I picked up from a long-time colleague and mentor.

EVs came along later, starting with a return to bicycling with a smart e-bike. Despite having not cycled in years (and I do mean YEARS), I loved the pedelec experience and realized what that saying "it's just like riding a bike" means. There was no hesitation after only a week to head out on a 30 km ride and that was exhilarating.

With a growing awareness of environmental impacts of most things we do, I am striving to live smaller, support local and reduce my personal impact on the planet. That led to driving an EV and embarking on a bit of an evangelistic road to help others kick the gasoline habit and adopt low or zero-emission vehicles.

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