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Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Joel has built a large variety of experience around the world and at home. He has always been curious on how things work, reverse engineering has always been a pursuit since childhood. A keen interest in consumer electronics, video games, and technology in general has guided him into the chosen fields of study.

Running a word-of-mouth small business, Joel was able to start saving for school by investing in an early generation CD-Burner, and installing modchips for theSony Playstation. Entering Mohawk College right out of high school into theElectronics Engineering Technology program allowed him to build real world work experience along with an in depth understand of electronic devices.

Upon graduating from Mohawk, Joel decided that he wanted more and embarked to live and travel in Australia for 1 year. This was a time of great personal growth. It was at this time that he decided that more schooling is what he wanted at this point in his life.

After returning to Canada, Joel obtained employment for 1 year with an engineering firm in the tech sector.

Next was McMaster University, looking for more options, he decided to take a change of pace and enter a combined honours program of Multimedia and Japanese studies. Here, Joel was able to travel the world again, and wound up as an exchange student attending Seinan Gakuin University in Fukuoka, Japan. During that time, he obtained a conversational level in speaking Japanese.

For a period after returning from Japan, Joel became more involved in team sports, specifically road hockey, and dragon boating. Also, doing self-guided work for experience and searching for the right career, Joel focused on electric vehicles. While doing a conversion project with very little resources, he has also been involved with Electric Mobility Canada and the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada, volunteering for events like the EMC AGM, Toronto International Auto Show and the Toronto Green Living show.

2010 was a year of some major advances; The electric truck was sold (after being involved in a minor no-fault collision), At the same time Joel started a career at Creation Technologies in Mississauga. With personal growth at a break-neck speed, Joel improved positions within the company 4 times within 2 years, from a temporary, entry level Test Technician, to Test Engineer Support, to Product Engineer to Manufacturing Engineer. This position focuses on lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, and cell design. (cell based manufacturing for final/manual assembly of board to box level industrial electronics)

In November, 2011, Joel became one of the first 40 members of the Canadian public to obtain a Nissan Leaf, and has been enjoying it ever since.
Currently, Joel is working in a mixed role (mainly mechanical) at Enermotion (a green technology start-up company) who are working on commercializing an air-conditioning system for transport trucks that gets its power from the exhaust heat.

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