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Jim worked for the University of Calgary for a few decades as an Information technology specialist. His most recent role was the manager of a development team of highly skilled analysts and programmers developing applications to support the business side of the University.

He retired with his wife, Sheri and dog, Magik, to Salt Spring Island in 2005 with a mission of opening the non-science side of his mind through yoga, gardening, meditation, hiking, mens group, kayaking, volunteering and promoting compassion. He studied happiness for 2013 and his current endeavour is studying end-of-life processes.

He is the POD leader of the Duck Creek POD (emergency preparation).

A current passion of his is the promotion of the use of Electric Vehicles. He has been involved with the evolution of Salt Spring Island from a few conversions to the highest density of electric cars in Canada. His current roles include organizing the 2015 EV Show on Salt Spring, managing the EV inventory of owners, keeping the purchase momentum going, and researching the role the EV's can play after a disaster, with a special focus on medical equipment.

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