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Jim bought his first hybrid Prius in 2006 and moved to Burlington in 2007 after selling his consulting engineering business in Toronto and starting a new one in renewable and efficient energy. He rented while building a new “green” home that is healthy, comfortable, eco friendly and energy efficient as well as installing a solar tracker at his brother’s farm near Peterborough. He converted a pontoon boat to electric drive with charging by a wind turbine in order to reduce water pollution. He is now an owner of a second 2012 Prius and says his next vehicle will be electric. He has come to love Burlington more and more as time goes on. He is a professional engineer and graduate of the University of Guelph.

His passions are protecting the planet and helping others through his business and voluntary work with BurlingtonGreen, his church, Halton Fresh Food Box, St. Christopher’s Community Dinner, Queen Mary School Hamilton Youth Anger Management Program, Easter Seals Regatta and CharterAbility Accessibility Boating support and is a member of the City of Burlington Sustainable Development Committee.

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