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I have been a Tesla Roadster owner since 2010, an advocate of alternate energy sources since 1981, a believer in "eat local" and supporting sustainable activities for farming, the environment, and economic growth.

I am a software developer, electronics tinkerer and am curious about the way things work, how to make them work more efficiently, and always thinking about better ways to do things. I worked for RIM/BlackBerry as a software developer for wireless access to the internet, on the core radio software for the first BlackBerry handhelds and as a key member of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

I believe that there is no problem that cannot be solved, the real problem is whether or not the solution is economically or politically feasible. This attitude helps me believe that we can solve the "perceived problems" with EVs, we just need a collective will to do so. I believe in the power of the people to make changes to public policy, and that as a free nation, with freedom of thought and speech, we can make a difference.

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