Passion for Electric Drive Mobility

Our first foray into electric drive culture was smartdirect, an online catalogue of smart electric drive vehicles. Over the years we have organized and participated in community events promoting smart ED cars and e-bikes.

Along the way we have met a number of very enthusiastic EV evangelists, including Stephen Bieda, cofounder and president of the Golden Horseshoe Electric Vehicle Association. All have amazing stories to tell and a unique view of the evolving landscape of EVs and EV infrastructure.

Our inital idea of telling the story of “a day in the life” with an EV was inspired by the determination of Elon Musk to accelerate the advent of sustainable transportation and influenced by meeting Paul Gingl, son of Fred Gingl, co-owner of BionX International.

In our ongoing research we found that there were many places to get technical information, vehicle comparisons and industry documentation, but found very few stories about real day-to-day living with electric vehicles as a primary transportation method.

EV Life ® magazine was created as a community initiative to help fill this void, and to encourage the adoption of zero emission vehicles.

Today, EV Life ® magazine has been expanded to include all topics related to owning, driving, producing, charging or inspired by an EV.


  • andy

    Andy Stark

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    Julie Winfield